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All new Cloud-enabled Prognosis 10 is now available. Find out how Prognosis Consulting Services can help your business take advantage of its new functionality, scalability and security. Talk to us today about the Path to Prognosis 10!

For over a decade the Integrated Research (IR) Consulting Team has been providing expertise and deploying systems management solutions and training into diverse infrastructures around the globe.

With the release of all new Cloud-enabled Prognosis 10, IR Consulting is the perfect resource for you. Our knowledge and domain expertise means you can gain all the benefits Prognosis 10 offers without compromising critical production systems monitoring.

We’ll make sure you take advantage of all the new benefits Prognosis 10 offers including:  

  • Proactive end-to-end insights across multi-vendor ecosystems that drive effective cross-team collaboration
  • Cloud enabled secure access for visibility anytime, anywhere
  • Fast time to value, small footprint and rapid extensibility give you rapid ROI

Path to Prognosis 10 Brochure

Download The Path to Prognosis 10 Brochure

All new Cloud-Enabled Prognosis 10 changes the game. As the payments industry undergoes rapid growth and change, industry participants face new competitors, legal and regulatory challenges and fresh opportunities.

 The Path to Prognosis 10 Brochure




Prognosis provides high-value functionality out of the box which has been refined through customer feedback over many years. It's a great place to start and suits most organizations most of the time. But as your use of Prognosis matures, you can translate information into even greater business value. Consulting services can develop executive dashboards, data and application integration services and even special data collections from in-house developed systems and applications.

There may also be special reporting needs to address. IR consultants can tailor custom reporting solutions to provide service levels status to give you short-term and long-term performance data for systems and applications. Reports like these can be accompanied by custom rules and real-time views, together with notification and event management to provide a complete performance management solution.

Product Recommendations

Prognosis Non Event Manager Prognosis Non Event Manager
The critical nature of HP NonStop computing makes it vital for systems managers to not just have visibility into what’s occurring on their servers, but also to have insight into anticipated events that fail to either complete successfully or within their expected timeframe
Prognosis Change Auditor Prognosis Change Auditor
Increase productivity and complete the change management cycle with a cross-platform solution that detects and manages change for the entire NonStop environment

Our training courses are designed to ensure you get the most out of Prognosis with a range of options to suit your training and travel needs.

You can choose a formal Prognosis course, one-on-one training or arrange an operational review. Whichever choice you make, our experienced consultants work with you to understand and resolve the system management issues you face. 

If you are interested in instructor led training, class room or virtual, or simply to ask for further information, register your details and a representative will contact you shortly.

  • Instructor Led training 

Instructor led training can be arranged at yours or your partner’s premises and can be customized to suit your specific requirements. 

  •  Virtual Instructor 

Employees located in disparate locations? Choose a Virtual Instructor Led course for the benefits of classroom training without the travel costs associated. 

  • Prognosis E-Learning
Prognosis E-Learning is a series of interactive, self-paced learning modules delivered online to help you make the most of your Prognosis investment. They’re the quickest way to gain the knowledge you need and suit system administrators, operations managers and network and voice engineers. 

IR's consultants help organizations around the globe using many different technologies ensure their Prognosis implementations go as smoothly as possible and deliver rapid time to value.

In India, Integrated Research Consulting recently partnered with Wipro Technologies, one of the largest global IT services to deliver IPT management services for a multi-national company's global Cisco IP telephony system.

In the USA, consultants worked hand in hand with Fifth Third Processing Solutions to gain even deeper insight into the performance and transactions flowing through its distributed point-of-sale applications.

Product Recommendations

Prognosis Training Accelerator Prognosis Installation Accelerator
The Installation Accelerator service enables customers to achieve the fastest, most cost effective software deployment possible
Prognosis Training Accelerator Prognosis IP Telephony Assessment Service
Reduce the costs and risks of IP telephony migration with a pre-deployment assessment

Free Case

Prognosis Helps Wipro Technologies Accelerate Global Voice Quality Delivery

Prognosis Helps Wipro Technologies Accelerate Global Voice Quality Delivery

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