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Prognosis Solutions for Payments

New Cloud-enabled Prognosis 10 transforms payments ecosystem management so you can deliver cost-effective solutions and find ways to exploit new market opportunities. Prognosis gives you more power behind every payments decision.

Deliver a quality customer experience
Minimize costly outages and ensure high quality service delivery to drive customer advocacy, prevent damage to your brand and protect the bottom line.

Innovate rapidly
Deliver new products and services cost effectively, manage compliance and exceed customer expectations.

Minimize risk
Prognosis 10 helps you evaluate and address potential problems, regardless of where they are in your underlying infrastructure. Deep, fast insight combined with integrated, automated processes and controls means you can take immediate steps to reduce threats.

Increase profitability
Generate further payments revenue through successful new initiatives.

Prognosis provides the solutions you need to reduce downtime, optimize service levels, maximize resource utilization and gain real-time visibility into your payments transactions across:

Prognosis is ideally positioned to provide your business with a highly scalable comprehensive monitoring and management solution.

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