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Prognosis for Avaya

If you’re looking for a management solution that will enable you to deliver state-of-the-art Unified Communications across Avaya Aura™ technologies, you’ve come to the right place!

With this combined Avaya-Prognosis solution, the customer can have ironclad, multi-layered VoIP security and still get complete end-to-end and hop-by-hop real-time performance visibility of the network. This powerful solution provides our customers with ‘single pane of glass’ insight, secure VoIP, SIP trunks, videoconferencing, instant messaging, and cloud-based communications for any business or contact center.”

Greg Pelton, Chief Technology Officer, Avaya Government Solutions 

As Avaya Aura™ ecosystems evolve, Prognosis performance management provides a single pane of glass across the entire ecosystem. End-to-end graphical representation of call paths across Avaya Communication Manager, Avaya System and Session Managers, Avaya CS1000 servers and  Acme Packet Session Border Controllers delivers insight into voice quality across VoIP networks.

Viewing network hops for running or finished voice streams means you can quickly identify and resolve issues before they impact your business or customers. 

And if call paths traverse multiple vendors' platforms you can visualize the relationships and flows across all of them, as they are dynamically updated during the call.

30-Day Trial Prognosis UC Foundation License
Prognosis provides:
    Web views of the relationships and flows within the Avaya Aura Communication Server ecosystem
    Intelligent alerts sent to the destination of your choice
    Comprehensive and flexible reports 
    Metrics to measure usage vs capacity for optimization, planning and budgeting objectives

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Prognosis enables enterprises and service providers to deliver first class Unified Communications across Avaya Aura® technologies.


Prognosis is Avaya DevConnect Technology Partner of the Year 2013

Watch this interactive presentation now and find out why Avaya has selected IR as its 2013 DevConnect Technology Partner of the Year. Headphones or speakers are required for audio.




Prognosis provides comprehensive out-of-the box features to manage:

  • Voice stream path diagnostics in real-time
  • MOS metrics for call quality measurements
  • Trunk availability, usage and capacity
  • PBX status, performance and configuration information
  • Comprehensive, customizable alerting and reporting
  • Intelligent alerts to multiple destinations

A bird's eye view monitors the performance of Avaya Aura System and Session Manager as well as Acme Packet session border controllers. Detailed fine-grained metrics correlates end-to-end voice quality across Session Border Controllers and multi-vendor VoIP networks.

For more information about Avaya platforms supported by Prognosis, please go to Certifications.


Monitoring Acme Packet SBC's with Prognosis 
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Watch Acme Packet Monitoring Demo

As well as it's Core module (IPTM), with Prognosis you are able to add on Application or Feature modules to extend your monitoring capabilities.

Core Module:

  IP Telephony
Ensure business continuity by monitoring, alerting and reporting on voice quality, performance and service availability - across multiple vendors Prognosis Solutions for UC View Product Information

Application Modules:          Expand monitoring capabilities across your ecosystem

  Unified Messaging like Avaya Modular Messaging
View all modular messaging services and their status, grouped together for availability with drill-down information on each Prognosis UC Support for Avaya View Product Information
  SIP Trunking via Acme Packet Session Border Controllers
Monitor the status of session border controllers as well as end-to-end voice quality over SIP connected VoIP networks Prognosis Acme Packet SBC Support View Product Information
  Virtualization and Blade Servers using VMware
Prognosis' deep high-definition monitoring scales to the largest VMware environments. It delivers real-time insight into the performance and utilization of the complete virtual environment with detailed views of what is happening in each guest Prognosis VMware Performance and Availability Management View Product Information
  UC Servers running on Windows, Unix and Linux
Prognosis monitors cross-platform servers in real time that provide directory, presence, voice and multimedia services, video, messaging and conferencing Prognosis for Products Infrastructure Go to

Feature Modules:                 Increase the utility of data collected

  Path Insight
Knowing the path a call takes over your network is crucial to establishing the root cause of voice and call quality issues. In a single screen Prognosis automatically filters calls with low MOS and displays the voice path in real time. In this way you can correlate network issues, like slow and congested links with the associated poor quality calls Prognosis Path Insight View Product Information
If you're looking for reporting to provide insight to UC performance and help manage your service levels, Prognosis provides it. A wide selection of reports is available that can be tailored to your own specific needs. Covering operational, business and service level statistics, reports can be automatically generated across any timeframe or produced on demand. Prognosis reports can be generated for any groups of devices, users, locations or customers, making it an ideal solution for ITIL-oriented enterprises, service providers and hosted IP telephony providers. Reports are availble to support the performance of individual business units including voice quality, service level availability, phone analytics and metrics for capacity planning Prognosis Management Reporter View Product Information
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