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Prognosis UC Support for Avaya

Prognosis UC Manager is a management solution designed to enable enterprises and service providers to deliver first class Unified Communications across Avaya Aura technologies.

Key benefits:

  • SIP Infrastructure View
  • Acme Packet Session Border Controller
  • Deep diagnostics and troubleshooting
  • Manage large, multi-site, multi-vendor environments

The Prognosis Solution
Prognosis offers real-time management for the whole Avaya Aura™ SIP infrastructure through a single pane of glass. This allows you to manage Avaya Aura Communication Manager, Avaya Aura System and Session Managers and SIP performance across the enterprise.

As well as state-of-the-art technologies, Prognosis also provides performance management for digital and analog phones registered to IP-enabled PBXs. As the majority of the call traverses an IP network this allows you to correlate IP trunk voice quality with legacy phones.

Performance management of media gateways and servers as well as Avaya CS1000 (legacy Nortel CS1000) further enhances the insight and capabilities you need to quickly identify and resolve issues before they impact your business or customers.

Support for Acme Packet Session Border Controllers
Prognosis monitors, measures, alerts and reports on SBC performance. This includes the number of inbound and outbound sessions, queue depth and rejected calls - all critical parts of the SBC's role.  Prognosis expands SBC performance monitoring to multi-vendor UC ecosystems including Avaya, Alcatel, Cisco, and Microsoft which enables you to monitor end-to-end voice qualtiy, SIP interoperability, capcity and reliability.

A Valuable Partner on your SIP Journey
As you aim for economies of scale and aggregate SIP trunks, it’s critical to have insight to the availability, performance and voice quality across the aggregated devices. Prognosis monitors Session Manager so you can automatically correlate metrics acrossthe entire SIP infrastructure and also gives you the flexibility of connecting directly to any monitored vendor’s PBX. This means you can monitor individual device status, capacity and usage.

Prognosis leverages both traditional collection methods as well as state of the art webservices and SIP events to provide SIP voice quality, device, performance, availability statistics and registration status. This helps you in your goals to reduce location-specific costs, implement enterprise wide on-net routing and centrally administer highly scalable global multi-vendor dial plans.

Avaya Aura Overview

You can view Avaya Aura’s status, availability, performanceand alerts from the System Manager, Session Manager, Session Border Controller and PBX’s perspectives. The scope of the displays includes high level voice quality information, SBC status and availability, attached device status, IP voice quality and network hops per PBX.

Device Details

For all PBX attached devices, Prognosis provides detailed screens of status, performance and configuration information. These displays update in real-time, enabling rapid troubleshooting and visual confirmation of any system changes.

Voice Quality

Prognosis processes and calculates voice Quality of Service (QoS) in real-time for live displays and provides a replay of any given moment of any given call. Real-time codec, latency, jitter and packet loss data are used to calculate a Mean Opinion Score (MOS) every 10seconds. All QoS data is then mapped to service levels, enabling measurement of service level compliance or breaches as they occur.

Path Insight

Prognosis discovers, classifies and visualizes your network in real-time. An end-to-end view of the entire VoIP ecosystem means you can correlate, diagnose and resolve performance issues that affect the quality of your VoIP service.

Network Impact - MOS cost

As Prognosis monitors voice streams it identifies the network hops for each media stream and determines the impact of each one on voice quality - the MOS cost. Any links that are determined as slow are displayed in red. You can drill down on the links’ interfaces and investigate the causes of latency.

Vital Information for Stakeholders

Automatic generation and distribution of comprehensive reports address the needs of external stakeholders such as service providers, customers or business unit managers, and internal stakeholders like capacity planners and network, operations and telecom managers

Manage a new era of end-to-end connectivity with SIP

Prognosis monitors the performance and capacity of Acme Packet Session Border Controllers so they can meet the most stringent reliability andperformance requirements.

Specialized VoIP management monitors any real-time voice, video, presence, instant messaging or multimedia collaboration sessions using IPsession-layer signaling protocols, such as SIP or H.323. This helps ensure SIP communications and networks inter operate with wide-area IP services, and users experience reliable end-to-end services.

Enables Flexible Service Level Agreements

Prognosis provides flexibility and scope in data collection, alerting and reporting, enabling you to design and deliver tiered service levels ranging from basic ‘break-fix’ support to premium-level services. Each service level can be customized to suit specific requirements, like measuring and reporting on availability, mean time to repair, voice quality, resource utilization and capacity.

Increases Operational Efficiency

Prognosis simplifies the task of managing complex, distributed, multi-vendor UC environments. Flexible, scalable and with a low operational footprint, Prognosis can monitor hundreds of IP-PBXs, multi-vendor devices and hundreds of thousands of phones. Prognosis allows you to efficiently identify and troubleshoot problems in your UC environment. You benefit from reduced mean time to identify, convince and repair of service-impacting issues.

Integrates with Enterprise Management Tools

It is critical that specialized VoIP management interoperates with your broader management strategy. Prognosis integrates with whatever toolkit and management framework you use, aligning with your business processes, team structures and skill sets. In companies that adopt this approach, Prognosis is the product of choice for managing Unified Communications, strongly complementing the specialized nature of other management products.

While we’re seeing many companies using network management and vendor supplied tools, most companies realize the need for specialized tools as their deployment matures.
Robin Gareiss - Nemertes Research
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