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Prognosis for Microsoft Lync

The Missing Link in Lync. Prognosis brings a new dimension to UC management. We call it the 360 degree user experience. Microsoft Lync users can ensure implementation and operation success with visibility to the entire UC environment in real time and in replay.

Key benefits:

  • Over 10 years UC domain knowledge
  • Visibility into Lync voice quality call statistics and server performance
  • Incorporates Lync management into existing Avaya and Cisco environments
  • Minimized outages and reduced mean-time-to-repair
  • Deep drill down granular metrics

Out of the box UC domain knowledge
Have you ever wanted to jump to a moment in time and capture everything that was going on to find the answer to a problem? And take a look across vendors, applications, devices and time?

Well, now you can. Prognosis brings over 10 years’ VoIP management expertise, and more than two decades of mission-critical infrastructure management to your fingertips. Understanding the user’s complete 360º UC experience through a single pane of glass means you can rapidly identify, address and resolve UC quality of experience issues.

You usually can’t go back to any point in time but now with Prognosis support for Microsoft Lync you can add the dimension of time to analyze the user experience through a 360º view. You can pause, replay and jump to any moment and understand what was happening five minutes ago, or this last time last week, month or year.

Automatically correlating UC relationships
When it comes to deploying and managing Lync, a management gap can exist between server, network and telephony teams. Automatic discovery and relationship linking across the UC environment saves time, resources and training, and there’s no need to become an expert on every system’s management tool. Prognosis provides every stakeholder with the visibility they need to monitor the complete Lync UC ecosystem – from servers, to gateway usage and capacity, voice quality, throughput, disk, memory and processors.

In this way IT staff can maintain the users’ quality of experience and monitor and address any impairments to it. Prognosis’ unified management interface reduces the mean time to identify the problem, convince thecorrect team to take action and resolve it.

Managing multiple vendors’ technologies
You can monitor, measure and manage Microsoft Lync deployed as an enterprise voice solution or as part of a multi-vendor environment incorporating Cisco Unified Communications Manager, Avaya Aura™, Avaya CS1000and Alcatel-Lucent OmniPCX Enterprise Communication Servers.

And if Acme Packet Session Border Controllers are used to inter-connect separate VoIP networks, Prognosis provides end-to-end voice quality monitoring and easy correlation between network conditions, UC availability, performance, and voice quality.

Unifying and simplifying UC management
Prognosis is designed to simplify unified communications management by assimilating with existing support processes, management frameworks, business processes, team structures and tool kits.
This means that a Lync server administrator will know if a server, disk or process is too busy and a voice administrator will be alerted if calls are returning SIP error response codes. But how do these metrics become meaningful to each administrator when trying to resolve consistently low MOS on all calls traversing a certain gateway?

Prognosis filters out bad calls within a particular time frame and identifies which servers are involved. This enables teams to work together and easily correlate network and server performance with voice quality. In this way server administrators can ensure servers are not overloaded and voice administrators can deliver the maximum number of successful calls.

Managing service levels
Prognosis summarizes and simplifies the wide variety of metrics it collects so that administrators can easily see voice quality distribution by MOS, broken down by call volume and as a percentage of calls.
Combined with detailed UC ecosystem metrics that automatically populate displays, alerts and history across UC devices Prognosis helps you manage the entire infrastructure that supports a UC portfolio. Prognosis is critical to ensuring new technology success through a quality user experience and satisfaction with new Lync technologies.



Of the critical things you "must-have" in your Lync toolkit, Prognosis is one of them. Its value is in the way it helps you manage your entire infrastructure in support of your UC portfolio. This is a critical way to ensure new technology success through a quality user experience and satisfaction with new Lync technologies.
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