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Prognosis helps you manage the complexity of your Cisco UC infrastructure so you monitor, measure and manage your UC goals.

The Business Challenge

Ensuring core UC server health, as well as plenty of regular and peak capacity for successful UC delivery is a complex business! If you're deploying UC, ensuring core VoIP voice and call quality is essential. Add to that TelePresence high-definition video, Cisco Unified Presence servers' performance and phones, gateways and unified messaging availabiity and it all adds up to quite a challenge to ensure it delivers all day, every day.

The Prognosis Solution

As much as we’d like to, we can’t predict everything that might happen. But when it's 'business as usual' you'll have the confidence of knowing that your business outcomes are assured. And if problems occur, you can quickly identify and address them before they impact users, customers or your business.

This insight helps you transform ad hoc and sometimes chaotic responses into proactive ones as you identify usage, performance and capacity trends.

You’ll have the information you need to manage the health of your UC environment and the ability to act ahead of time before customers experience service-impacting issues. Armed with this knowledge you can prevent issues from becoming recurring problems. 

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Prognosis delves deep into your Cisco Unified Communications ecosystem, providing vital performance management for core server health, phone and call load, TelePresence and more
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See how Prognosis for UC can help you to monitor, measure and manage your entire UC ecosystem
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Prognosis outperforms in Cisco mega cluster

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The business value of Prognosis:

Optimize IT operations and resources


Vital 'at-a-glance' views provide information including the health of each cluster, express router, session border controller and mailbox. This means you can quickly view a summary of all clusters, registered phones, active calls, route pattern and server status. Through a single pane of glass one UC team can centrally monitor the IT infrastructure across servers, applications, databases, middleware, operating systems and network devices.


Ensure new technology success


Prognosis makes it easy to incorporate new technology performance management as your UC  portfolio evolves. You can apply existing skills, out-of-the box and custom real-time displays, alerts and historical trend analysis to each new monitored application and device.


Improve user perception and satisfaction


As users start to rely on new technologies like TelePresence to reduce travel costs and the impact on family life, it must deliver. Prognosis helps ensure high quality of phones, video and gateways to ensure this is the outcome.


Minimize expensive outages


Prognosis allows you to efficiently identify and troubleshoot problems in your UC environment. You benefit from reduced mean time to identify, convince and repair of service-impacting issues.

A real-time snapshot of key performance indicators delivering vital insight and drilldown detail across your entire UC ecosystem ensures that you keep on track with performance 24x7.

To complement real-time up-to-the-minute monitoring you can review historical trend analysis in highly customizable reports that can be viewed on screen, printed and emailed to a schedule or on demand.

  Line of Business Manager
View the overall daily voice quality percentages achieved for business-critical applications, the volume of calls and any degraded quality that may affect the performance of business-critical applications. Gain insight to TelePresence use and performance within the business.
  Service Delivery Manager
View the quality of service being provided to the business and ensure it meets SLAs. Monitor and address any degraded quality of service being provided to the business. This can include route pattern availability, gateway usage and capacity, calls rejected and completed as well as database replication status, queues and disk activity.
  Level 2 and Level 3 support
Manage server health, voice quality, gateway performance and Telepresence devices and sessions. Granular information about status and performance including hardware like fans, power supplies, drive boxes and controllers helps ensure service continuity.

Wipro Technologies, a division of Wipro Limited (NYSE:WIT) is amongst the largest global IT services companies with over 72 global delivery centres in more than 55 countries.

Wipro and Integrated Research Consulting recently partnered to deliver IPT management services for a multi-national company’s global Cisco IP telephony system.  

The Prognosis Solution

Detailed system performance reporting means that Wipro can perform better capacity planning for its customer’s IP telephony system. This helps ensure that resources are deployed where they are needed and upgrades scheduled in a timely manner for budget cycles. 





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Prognosis Helps Wipro Technologies Accelerate Global Voice Quality Delivery

Download Free Case Study -Prognosis Helps Wipro Technologies Accelerate Global Voice Quality Delivery 

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